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“QuantaFundaTechna” is our name for the process¬†we use to uncover stocks and investment opportunities that will be used in our actively traded portfolios. Just as it describes, the first step is to find stocks based on several screening, or quantitative, criteria. For our core portfolios, we select initial candidates from an active screen; filtering for size, sector, earnings growth, rating, corporate structure, price momentum and other key measures.

We then add key fundamental overlays to refine the list. A review of company fundamentals will further weed out those companies that do not meet our requirements for long-term price-appreciation potential. Once past this stage, each stock is reviewed and confirmed for price entry and exit points using technical analysis of historical charts. Several patterns are key when looking for breakouts and breakdowns.

As the goal is to maximize returns through a systematic and disciplined approach, loss minimization is essential. In other words, when possible let the winners run, and cut the losers.

Perhaps a good way to look at the overall process is to say it is an investment philosophy that seeks out opportunities in the markets based on a top-down philosophy, then confirms investments by a bottom-up fundamental approach. The actual buy and sell strategies are then confirmed by using a healthy dose of technical analysis to determine exit and entry points.