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Andrew Horowitz, CFP

Andrew Horowitz

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Andrew Horowitz, CFP, President of Horowitz & Company, has practiced financial planning in South Florida since the late 1980`s, providing the kind of professional financial planning that a successful portfolio demands. His investment management technique tempered with a personal touch.

For example one of our proprietary techniques utilizes his FundSORT system. This powerful filtering and scoring system allows us to analyze and identify specific investments that meet investor`s criteria. Once Andrew identifies the best investment to match the performance objective of our investors` needs, Horowitz & Company puts the plan into motion. Beyond this, Andrew is our “Futurist”, looking at big-picture global themes in an attempt to uncover value.

Another strategy utilizes our “QuantaFundaTechna” process to uncover stocks/investments that we will research further to include in TDI Managed Growth Portfolios.

In today`s economic climate, it is imperative to not only choose the right investments, but also monitor them on a constant basis to ensure they are performing as expected. We go to great lengths to see that each of our client`s portfolios are properly managed and monitored. Andrew personally reviews each family of mutual funds/ETFs/stocks that are utilized in our portfolios and often participates in conference calls to ensure that their management and investment philosophies remain consistent and in line with our clients` investment objectives.

Andrew was also a former board member of the South Florida Institute of Certified Financial Planners. Over the years, various local and national media, have sought out Andrew as an authority on diverse investment management issues. He regularly appears on television and also was the former host a radio call in show, “The Money Doctor”.  Now he is the author of two books and the host of three weekly podcast series dedicated to the education of investors.

He has been featured in USA Today, Barron`s, BNN Radio, Ticker Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine, Miami Herald, The New York Times, Barron`s, WAMI Televison and the Sun Sentinel to mention a few.

Andrew is also is our in-house analyst and Chief Investment Officer. His research focuses on three primary areas: Historical information, quantitative analysis/diagnostic research and forecasting. In addition, he has written; The Disciplined Investor …a must read for investment success.

“We take historical information from various sources to compile data that is ultimately used in producing trend analysis and other useful information.”

Diagnostic research is done to explain certain market conditions and justify our asset allocations.

“Our relationship is one of trust and mutual success.”

Kevin Hoffmann

Kevin Hoffmann is an integral part of the team who provides service and research. He joins us from JMG Financial Group in Chicago. Kevin began his career in May of 2001 working on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade as a clerk for a commodities trader.

While attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison he served a Financial Consultants Internship with Smith Barney in 2003. In 2004 Kevin graduated from UW-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Personal Finance and assumed a position as a derivatives trader for BMT Trading Group / Gelber Group. By October of 2005 he had become a Financial Planning Analyst for JMG Financial Group where he assisted with Financial & Tax Planning as well as Investment Management for high net worth clientele.