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The Disciplined Investor Podcast

The Disciplined Investor Podcast

A free weekly investor podcast with views, news and interviews produced and hosted by Andrew Horowitz. Great guests too!

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Podcast reviews

The following reviews are select quotes from iTunes and/or emails from listeners.

Mr. Horowitz’s podcasts have provided me with information about investing in the financial markets that has been very educational and helped me become a more disciplined investor. I appreciate his perspective and depth of knowledge, both of which are presented in a practical manner that I can understand. Thanks!

It’s very good to get news about finance, and the market while being educated. Very clear and effective teaching and news!

After 15 years of investment experience, there is very little that perks my interest in the way of investment advice. Mr. Horowitz, however, is able to provide an entertaining podcast that will hook his listeners regardless of their expertise, income level, or portfolio totals. It is the right mix of guest interviews, ideas, and Mr. Horowitz’s own personal touch to make The Disciplined Investor a must listen for all.

Andrew, I would like to start off by saying thank you. Your podcast has been the single most influential learning tool in my efforts to become a Disciplined Investor. I am a graduate student and a new investor with a small portfolio and I can say that without your show I would probably be listening to the media’s advice to buy and hold. One of the key strategies I have been able to take away from your show is the importance of downside risk protection. This principle has served me well as I started listening to your show just before the market began its downward spiral. I was able to mitigate the threat of large losses by hedging and implementing strict buy and sell rules. I really think you are doing a great service to us smalltime investors and the fact that your podcast is FREE is amazing. Thank you and keep the great podcasts coming.

I started listening to you after I heard you on TWIT with Leo Laporte. I’m 34 years old and working in IT Security I’m always on the look out for bad news under the radar. A hidden bear market is like a hacker trying to sneak in under your defenses and both are like a needle in a hay stack. You can’t see it, but you will get stuck eventually.

I went 100% to cash back during the .com boom to bust about a month before it happened because some things didn’t look right to me. My co-workers called me a fool for jumping off the gravy train during a slow week (the week of the IPO). After listening to you and some of your guests, I started seeing parallels and over bullishness similar 90’s on CNBC and among friends who said we’re going to DOW 20,000. I decided to pull my retirement and taxable portfolios back out to cash in August so I could wrap my head around things and my procrastination helped me dodge another bulle t in late 2008. It was like 1990’s deja vu when the rock finally fell.

I’ve learned from listening to you that you need to be skeptical and not blind, it’s ok to go short sometimes, it’s ok to not buy and hold in every market, and you’ve reinforced my experience that if things don’t feel right, don’t be afraid to change strategy or get out! I’ve also learned that sell stops and trailing stops are your friend from listening to you and watching the strategy lab. I haven’t been burned when putting in a stop immediately after buying. The couple of times I didn’t immediately do that I got hit and knocked back to break even for the year. It could have been worse, so covering the downside is now a mandatory part of my strategy especially if I’m ahead. I’d rather get stopped out at first base rather than lose a ton trying to hit a home run. I enjoy listening to your show and I learn something new every week. Keep up the g ood work and please don’t retire from podcasting anytime soon.

Your podcasts are terrific: Highly informative, insightful, entertaining and fascinating. I would love to hear you more on the mainstream financial shows, which would provide viewers with some grounded logic and sound strategy.