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Planning and Forecasting

Once we establish your style and risk parameters, the investment engines are put to work. Horowitz & Company has developed fundamental and quantitatively driven stock strategies along with diversified portfolio models. We use many research tools to look at the economic and market climates in developing a plan.

In creating a portfolio, tools ranging from an exclusive mutual fund filtering and scoring system to our QuantaFundaTechna disciplines are actively employed. The overall concept is simple:  Use all methods available to seek out investments with the highest potential for growth, given the current economic conditions. The secondary goal is to maintain these results (over time) by incorporating some level of downside protection. As with any investment strategy, the opportunity for loss is an ongoing risk.

“It is not just how much you make, it is how much you keep”


Achieving and Communicating

Knowledge sharing, enhanced by the latest technology, helps us gain an advantage of true collaboration by pooling thoughts, insights and experiences. This ensures that all clients receive the service and attention they deserve. Over the course of time, markets will dictate changes to key recommendations, yet one thing remains constant: our unrelenting dedication to the success of our clients.

Each quarter, Global Allocation portfolio clients will receive an in-depth report that details the performance of each of your investments and compares the results to specific market indices. The report is prepared so both seasoned investors and novices will find them easy to understand. At year end we provide you and your accountant with a summary of each of your accounts, listing all transactions, distributions along with federal and state tax information.

TDI Managed Growth portfolio clients have online/daily access to their portfolio performance.

In addition, our private/client-only website provides a good deal of methodology and insights into the markets and our portfolio decisions.

“Your long-term success is our priority”