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We take a team approach to advising clients on choosing the most effective investing strategies and developing a plan for your portfolio.

Horowitz & Company provides financial advice and effective strategies to guide you toward your desired results. Our main investment objective is to look for uncommon investment values by using three distinct methodologies: quantitative screening, fundamental analysis of past and projected data, and technical analysis using charting and other statistical indicators.

Whether your goal is risk management, asset growth, estate planning, retirement planning, or any combination of these approaches, we can tailor a diversified portfolio for you that is not only appropriate to your risk level, but also takes into account all of your financial planning goals, both short- and long-term.

Horowitz & Company provides clients with a range of investment strategies – From active trading to the more traditional balanced approach.

In addition, our book; The Disciplined Investor is a must read for anyone looking to invest successfully.

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The Key Points….
We have specific disciplines in the investment area to help provide our clients with the diversification most appropriate for their risk level.  Along with that, our proprietary stock filtering and scoring system, helps to provide us with we see as the appropriate recommendations for our client’s portfolios.

In addition, our fundamental and quantitatively driven stock strategies have been put to the test through some rather rough times. We have the ability to utilize various strategies to choose companies/investments that we believe have the highest potential for growth given the current economic and market conditions.

We have been quoted in a good amount major local and national financial publications; an honor we are proud of.

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